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Greentree Book & Paper

Hi! I’m Sonja Greentree Rossow, I’ve been a custom book binder and book restorer since 2009.

I am going through cancer treatment and am temporarily closing the studio to new work. I will reopen for appointments in the Fall 24. If you have need of a Bible rebinding, you can contact Leonards Books out of Indiana.

The Workplace Business Center 2317 Meridian St. N., #2112. Huntsville, AL 35801

To find office 2112 look for a smaller door with office numbers at the top. See photo to the right with highlighted area.

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What I Do



Custom Binding & Stamping

You imagine it and I can make it. Checkout some of my creations. I also offer hot foil stamping for books.


Book Repair & Restoration

Do you have a special book that is falling apart? I specialize in repairing old books. I no longer do personal daily use Bibles, but can point you to someone who does.

However, I am continuing to repair the large family Bibles from the 1800’s or earlier.